About us

For over 10 years, US Lighting Systems has been a full-service lighting consultant focused on helping clients with energy-efficient lighting solutions, including LED retrofits and lighting control systems. We handle the entire process of complex lighting applications from design and engineering through installation and warranty service. We offer a variety of financial solutions, including leasing, as well as our cutting-edge lighting as a service option which allows for energy savings to pay for the entire project.

David Etzler, LC, is a pioneer in the green industry. As the President of US Lighting Systems, David manages the firm’s strategy and growth, including strategic partnerships with property management firms and building owners across the country. David is Lighting Certified (LC), earning the distinction from the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professional (NCQLP). The LC was created as a baseline standard for knowledge covering the entire scope of the vast lighting field.
David came to US Lighting Systems through the acquisition of his company, HOA Energy Advisors, in May of 2015.  HOA Energy helps commercial properties save money on their energy bills through lighting and lighting control systems. Having retrofitted and managed over 75 large projects, HOA Energy has become a leader in the industry.
Prior to HOA Energy, David founded and owned BusinessEvents, LLC. An event production and management company focused on the Energy Market.  BusinessEvents produced energy conferences, trade shows and special events all over the world.
David is active in the green community and shares his love of the planet with his family and friends.