Greater efficiency and lower energy costs for keeping a space more than adequately lit are well-known advantages of LED lighting. But there’s another benefit to a commercial LED retrofit that many overlook: improved control over your space’s ambiance.

Color control with LEDs is about more than producing an interesting lighting effect. With the right lighting equipment in place, you have the ability to significantly enhance the mood of your space. The color control afforded by LEDs can help to build a stronger sense of atmosphere than traditional lights, improving the client’s experience and making the working environment more enjoyable.

LED Lighting Color Temperature: The Key to Better Ambiance

What is “color temperature”? LED lights feature a very stable physical temperature, helping to reduce energy costs related to heating and cooling. When it comes to visual temperature, LED lighting is just as effective.

Color temperature refers to two basic concepts:

Customizing color temperature to best meet the unique needs of your space, however, involves more than just knowing that red is generally “hot” and blue is “cold.” It’s vital to set the appropriate amount of lighting with the right equipment to ensure that an environment is adequately covered. With a professionally installed LED lighting retrofit, color temperature adjustments can be made easily, even after installation. However, designing your lighting in advance of the installation of new LED lighting systems can be an even more effective way to optimize the color “temperature” for your desired ambiance.

Finding Your Environment’s Ideal Ambiance

“Ambiance” is not a term that should be relegated only to the restaurant and hospitality industries. In every sector, the right color temperature and brightness can affect the performance of even the most seasoned professionals. That’s why it’s important to identify and create your environment’s ideal lighting settings.

Here are a few concepts a commercial lighting consultant like US Lighting Systems will consider when crafting an optimized LED lighting solution for your space:

Work with an Experienced Commercial Lighting Consultant

Whether you need an artful ambiance for a restaurant or a tightly-controlled lighting temperature for an industrial space, a professional LED design and installation will give you more precise control over your space.

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