The Value of a Lighting Audit for Your Business

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Is your commercial lighting helping or hindering your business? That’s the central question behind US Lighting’s proven process. Perhaps one of the most important steps in this process is the initial lighting audit. During this lighting audit, our experts perform a thorough analysis of your site’s lightning needs, taking accurate measurements necessary to understand your current lighting situation and areas that need improvement. Here’s how a typical lighting audit for a commercial space works and the reasons this step is essential when considering a commercial lighting retrofit.

Optimizing Your Commercial Lighting Fixtures

As management consultant Peter Drucker once said, “What gets measured gets improved.” That’s the simple concept behind the lighting audit. After taking a moment to understand your operations and lighting needs, we visit your site and quantify just about every variable there is for lighting quality and your lighting fixtures. This, in turn, gives us the ability to accurately diagnose what’s been hurting your lighting situation and allows us to produce a design that could drastically improve your energy consumption, lighting efficiency, and costs.

An analysis of your current lighting fixtures is the first area we target with our lighting audit. We measure:

  • Types of lamps: Each type of lamp will have different energy usage, light dispersion, light color—the list goes on and on. Knowing the quality of your lighting starts with understanding your lamps.
  • Fixture condition: Do fixtures need to be replaced? Are they operating at 100 percent? If not, why not?
  • Usage hours of each fixture: How long does your fixture need to run every day, and are there better options for your current needs?
  • Distance between light fixtures: The consistent dispersion of light may be important, but so is maintaining a good light on a specific workspace. The distance between fixtures plays heavily into these variables.

The measurements acquired in our lighting audit provides insight that will allow us to optimize your lighting for your needs. Once we understand your hardware, the lighting audit moves on to other variables that are no less important, like your operational procedures and working conditions.

Understanding Your Working Conditions

Your space needs to be a distraction-free environment where adequate focus, safety, and control is possible. No lighting audit is complete until we understand variables like the physical dimensions of each work space, how light interacts with these dimensions, and everything else down to the cost of running your current lighting systems.

The on-site lighting audit isn’t just for measuring the lamps themselves but to get a sense of your space and how your new lightings systems will need to interact with this space. Current light (Foot Candle) measurements are one of the most important measurements we take, as are the current energy costs. At US Lighting Systems, we don’t think it’s enough to simply improve your lighting. We strive to improve your lighting while reducing your lighting expenses.

The Benefits of a Lighting Audit

It can be intimidating to have lighting professionals come to your site and poke around. But US Lighting Systems representatives work with minimal impact to your business or day to day operations in order to obtain the measurements we need to optimize your commercial lighting. The end result of a comprehensive lighting audit with US Lighting Systems is a system of LED lighting solutions that enhance your lighting efficiency, lower your energy costs, and ultimately provide your space with a better quality of lighting.

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