How to Maximize Savings on Commercial Lighting

Your business needs the assurance of consistent lighting that is optimized for your unique facility. Your bottom line is also a prominent concern. But traditional lighting no longer measures up to what is currently available on the market. You may be surprised to learn how much you could be saving with a commercial LED retrofit. If you’re interested in maximizing savings on commercial lighting while improving your lighting quality, here’s everything you need to know.

Reduce Costs and Increase Quality with LED Lighting

Lighting technology has progressed over the years. It’s now possible for lighting experts to craft custom-tailored solutions that are optimized for your unique space. The one-size-fits-all approach of traditional lighting pales in comparison to a well-designed LED lighting solution that is crafted specifically for your needs. Here are just a few advantages of a custom LED retrofit:

  • Better use of energy. The concept is simple. With LEDs, you can see up to an 80 percent reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional lighting solutions. With reduced energy consumption comes reduced utility costs. Simply replacing traditional bulbs with LED lighting will help you achieve a noticeable difference in your bottom line.
  • Efficient lighting coverage. Traditional bulbs emit lighting in a 360 degree uniform pattern. From one perspective, this might seem like optimal efficiency. But when you lose some of this lighting to walls, filled spaces, and other commercial considerations, 360 degrees of uniform lighting actually spends more energy than is necessary. LED lighting, however, can be pointed directly at the areas in most need of lighting, which is especially important for commercial spaces. With more efficient control over your lighting, you can achieve a greater reduction in utility costs, offering greater improvements to your bottom line.
  • Less heat. When you pay for a traditional bulb, you’re paying for all of the energy it takes to power that bulb. That includes the energy the bulb will lose as heat—energy that can upset your specific climate control needs. LED lighting emits less energy as heat than traditional lighting, helping to ensure that more of your energy dollar goes into direct lighting and less into controlling your indoor temperature.

Working with an Experienced LED Lighting Consultant

Traditional lighting installation methods may require installing bulbs yourself, which can expose your company to increased maintenance and repair costs down the line if handled improperly. Working with an expert LED lighting consultant like US Lighting Systems can help you ensure a stable monthly lighting bill that takes all of the worry over maintenance and repair out of your hands.

  • Create a predictable bottom line. Traditional lighting and installations you handle yourself can bring a greater exposure to unpredictable costs down the line. US Lighting Systems, however, provides an expert installation with an innovative payment method that allows you to pay for your lighting with a simple monthly fee that doesn’t change when you need repairs or maintenance. With US Lighting’s Lighting as a Service plan, there are no upfront costs and no maintenance costs, eliminating any worry over unpredictable expenditures.
  • Improved lighting design. US Lighting Systems engineers and designers have years of experience helping organizations address their specific lighting needs. You already know the advantages of LEDs. With an expert LED lighting plan that is designed for optimal lighting within your space, you stand to achieve even greater cost reductions with your LED retrofit.

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