Commercial Outdoor Lighting and the Effects of Heat

One of the main issues we talk to our clients about is how heat impacts long-term LED performance in commercial outdoor lighting. While this can apply to interior lighting, outdoor temperatures in the southern and western parts of the country can remain 80 degrees or higher during summer evenings.

This report confirms what we have been saying for years. The report, which outlines the long-term performance of commercial outdoor lighting, showed dramatic reductions in light levels and had color changes when exposed to higher temperatures.

The study also exposed the major issue the industry has with marketing LED products in this country. The gap between lab performance to actual use is dramatic. Just because a fixture says that it will last 50,000 hours, it means nothing if your environment is hot or you have harsh conditions. Too many people buy LED products from employees who do not truly understand the technology and claim their products will last for 20 years. 

If you have a hot environment or unfavorable conditions such as dust or oil in the air, you can expect most commercial outdoor lighting fixtures to last around 2-3 years before reducing their light levels by over 50%.

Therefore, it is imperative you talk with a lighting specialist who can analyze your needs properly and evaluate the unique conditions of your property.


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