Lighting as a Service: Cost-Effective LED Retrofit

The number of lighting options available overwhelms many organizations who are considering new lighting solutions for their commercial space. Many more organizations push off their lighting retrofit, even if they recognize the potential for long-term savings, because they believe the upfront investment will be too much for their current budget. If you’re looking for a lighting retrofit that can reduce your expenditures and enhance your lighting efficiency with minimal upkeep and upfront investment, then an LED retrofit provided through Lighting as a Service (LaaS) is an excellent option for you.

The Benefits of an LED Retrofit

Unlike a traditional bulb, which emits lighting at 360 degrees, LED lighting emits light at an angle of 180 degrees. This more concentrated angle allows you to direct the light more precisely at a target, providing maximum control over your lighting needs.

How does it work? Optics. Small lenses in LED lighting fixtures bend and magnify the light, allowing manufacturers to modify LEDs in order to direct light in a wide range of patterns. The enhanced control afforded by LEDs allows for customized lighting solutions that can increase the efficiency of the lighting in your space and drive energy savings accordingly. An LED retrofit offers more effective lighting that can lead to a 60-85% reduction in energy consumption than what is typically seen with traditional lighting.

Lighting as a Service

But how does lighting as a service impact the way you light your space? The most obvious difference is upfront expenditure. Most vendors will try to simply sell you LED lighting as a replacement for your current fixtures. While a standalone replacement is a sound solution for many organizations, it may not be the optimal solution. A simple replacement can require you to pay for your installation upfront and to manage ongoing maintenance on your own.

At US Lighting Systems, however, we do things a little differently. We understand the impact that a large upfront investment can have on an organization. With our Lighting as a Service plan, we don’t simply sell you LEDs. Instead, we work to make the lighting as efficient as possible while reducing your out-of-pocket installation costs and taking the burden of ongoing maintenance off your hands.

Why Choose Lighting as a Service for your LED Retrofit?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Lighting as a Service over merely retrofitting your old bulbs with new LED bulbs:

  • Don’t drain capital on new equipment. With Lighting as a Service, we install our equipment to keep your space lit efficiently. Because it’s our equipment, there’s no need for you to spend a lot of money out of pocket simply to retrofit your space.
  • We’ll handle the maintenance. While LEDs have a much longer life span than traditional lighting, you may need to perform occasional maintenance. If you opt for a simple replacement deal, you may be left responsible for managing that maintenance. With US Lighting’s Lighting as a Service, however, we’ll handle any maintenance needs for you, so you can focus on what matters most: your business.
  • Pay fixed monthly payments. Our Lighting as a Service plan is billed on a monthly cycle. The fixed payments are predictable and easily fit into your budget, much like a monthly phone or Internet bill. Enjoy stable, efficient lighting without heavy upfront costs.
  • Guaranteed savings. Starting on the day we complete installation, you’ll notice savings on your energy bill every month, which is our service guarantee. An LED lighting retrofit will increase the efficiency of lighting in your space while demanding less energy overall.

Don’t let vendors sell you on warranties and self-service. Lighting as a Service from US Lighting Systems means guaranteed savings without stress over installation or maintenance costs.

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