Your Independent Lighting Consultants

We partner with you to become your outsourced lighting design and implementation team. By taking on the logistic and operational elements of a project, we free you to focus on building your business.

Why We Are Your Ideal Partner

  • We are manufacturer agnostic and only care about matching your business with the best lighting product for each lighting application
  • We offer Lighting as a Service, just like your internet or phone
  • We believe in educating you about the different technologies and products as well as what makes one product better than another
  • We handle the entire process from engineering to design through installation and warranty servicing
  • We specialize in lighting control systems to maximize your savings and improve your productivity
  • We have direct relationships with manufactures to ensure you get the best pricing
  • We pride ourselves in working with US manufactured products, ensuring the highest quality lighting experience for our clients

Did You Know?

  • Manufacturer’s Rated Life claims are actually educated forecasts based on only 6,000 hours of testing
  • Power Factors (PF) and Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) are critical technical specifications that must be properly evaluated in any LED solution
  • An Extruded aluminum heat sink has 20-30% more thermal conductivity than a die-cast heat sink
  • An anodized heat sink has 100X greater thermal conductivity than a powder coated one
  • The spacing of LED diodes in a fixture is critical to achieving proper thermal management
  • The power supply is the number one cause of failure in a fixture
  • It can take you over three times as long to implement a lighting solution on your own!
  • Installing a LED solution is more similar to implementing an IT project than a traditional lighting project
  • A LED diode is actually a semi-conductor that has the same principals as Moore’s Law
  • The process for getting Rebates and Incentives for lighting can be more time consuming than installing your whole project
  • Efficacy (lumens/watt) varies dramatically between manufacturers. The higher the efficacy, the higher the savings
  • Most warranties are longer than the age of the manufacturer
  • The number of qualified products on the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) list grows by 50% a year
  • Most LED products have an .ies file which is used in photo-metric analysis to model what a space will look like after install