LED Lighting Retrofit: A Guide to View Angles

When your goal is maximizing lighting coverage while paying for as little energy as possible, the angle of your lighting is critical. Under traditional lighting, view angle is rarely taken into consideration, as incandescent lights evenly throw light at all 360 degrees. With LED lighting, however, you can pinpoint where the light is needed, allowing a more efficient lighting system. With more efficient lighting, you can realize substantial energy savings and tremendously improve the quality of the lighting in your space.

Defining View Angle: Spots and Floods

LED light bulbs sometimes come with tight angles of light projection, known as “spots.” Wider angles of projection are known as “floods.” When boosting your own lighting efficiency, these two concepts frequently come into play. Let’s get to know them in better detail:

  • Spots typically run from very narrow (7 to 15 degrees, depending on the type of bulb) to narrow (8 to 30 degrees). If the light is simply called a spotlight, it may provide coverage of up to 60 degrees at its widest. 
  • Floods are on the higher end of the light projection spectrum, ranging from narrow flood and flood to wide and very wide flood. Very wide floodlights can project up to 160 degrees, or almost half of an entire circle.

Why View Angle Matters for Your Space

The farther you get from a fire, the less you feel the heat. The same is true for lighting. Distance from the source of light is critical when it comes to efficiency: as the light spreads out, the intensity decreases. But distance is not the only variable that counts.

The more precise your light’s view angle is, the more energy-efficient the light will be. When you can use a small beam angle to do the job a larger beam angle would usually do, the quality of light will equal or be better than the wide light—at a fraction of the cost.

With a properly fitted LED lighting retrofit, you’ll take advantage of the full spectrum of what LED has to offer, including:

  • Reduced energy use
  • Reduced utility costs
  • Improved lighting quality
  • Improved lighting precision

Working With a Commercial LED Lighting Consultant

The key to improving your energy costs and coverage within your facility is a professionally designed LED lighting retrofit. While brushing up on your lighting knowledge—as you did above—is certainly a good idea when considering a commercial LED lighting retrofit, working with a commercial LED lighting consultant can be the best way to ensure maximum savings and optimal lighting for your space.

US Lighting Systems’ process includes precise engineering design so you won’t have to calculate every viewing angle in your space. Let our experienced engineers handle that for you. We’ll take matters like view angle into account and include our best recommendations for the most efficient LED lighting retrofit for you.

Contact US Lighting Systems at info@uslightingsystems.com to increase your lighting efficiency and start reducing energy costs today.


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