LED Office Lighting: Long-Term Savings, Minimal Maintenance

Effective LED office lighting design involves creating an efficient lighting plan for your space. An office LED lighting retrofit can help to increase energy efficiency, improve lighting quality and ultimately reduce your lighting expenditure month over month.

Better Results for Your Office Environment

All Day in an office can take its toll. Efficiency is always an issue, but the quality of the lighting itself can be even more important. You need warm, effective lighting that creates a welcoming environment to help your employees maintain their energy throughout the day.

Through optimized office lighting design, LED lighting can be customized to improve your specific environment. An expert lighting design company, like US Lighting Systems, can create a plan that will allow you maximum control. This means the ability to manage specific color tones and energy settings, which can help with employee productivity levels. Create the look and feel you’ve always wanted from your office while taking advantage of energy savings.

Office Lighting Design for Improved Efficiency

LED lights are highly efficient, using significantly less energy than traditional bulbs. Through expert LED office lighting design, this efficiency can be increased even more. At US Lighting Systems, we target a savings of 50-85% on the lighting portion of your energy bill. Through our proven process, our engineers and designers can examine your space and design the ideal lighting configuration, giving you high-quality lighting at a low cost.

And since we offer lighting as a service, you’ll no longer have to worry about a bulb going out or even handling the maintenance yourself. You pay for the lighting through a monthly fee, which means no intimidating upfront costs. And because we maintain ownership over the equipment, we’ll work on your behalf to maintain the lighting as needed.

Enhance Your Office Lighting and Save

If you’re considering an LED office lighting retrofit for your building, you’re already on the right track to optimizing your office lighting. Remember, it can take over three times as long to implement a lighting solution on your own. A professional can help you achieve the benefits faster. Take advantage of expert office lighting design and installation services during your LED retrofit to maximize savings and lighting quality. Work with US Lighting Systems.

Contact us at info@uslightingsystems.com to learn how you can improve your office lighting and start saving today.


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