LED Warehouse Lighting: Preview Before You Buy

Warehouse managers know that industrial lighting isn’t a simple matter of on vs. off. In industrial settings, there are variables like regulations and temperature that have to be taken into consideration, not to mention energy consumption and your bottom line.

We understand that the scope of an LED retrofit can be overwhelming, and you may be weary to take any action before you can be sure your lighting will be effective and cost-efficient. That’s why most US Lighting  Systems LED products include an .ies file. These files are used in photometric analysis that can display a model of what your space will look like after installation, allowing you to be confident in your install even before the first light is set in place. The ability to preview your new LED lighting installation is the only way to ensure that your new lighting will meet your unique needs before you buy.

Why Preview Lighting First?

An LED retrofit is an excellent investment for any organization, providing long-term savings and high quality lighting. With the ability to preview your lighting before you make your purchase, you can be even more certain that you’ve made the right choice for your lighting needs.

With traditional lighting, there’s typically no preview process. At US Lighting Systems, however, our proven process includes a design phase that shows you exactly what to expect. To optimize the lighting for your warehouse space, you can take advantage of our preview process to fine-tune:

  • Lumen requirements. The brightness of your lighting has to remain up to code. Previewing the relative brightness of your lighting also makes sure you cover all important areas of your facility, to help ensure work will carry on at its best.
  • Energy consumption. When you run a warehouse, lighting is in use around-the-clock. Knowing how much energy you’ll save by previewing your LED lighting is an essential step in maximizing the value of your investment.
  • Properly spacing fixtures. There’s no reason you should have more LED lights than necessary. A proper preview will show you just how many fixtures you really need to maintain the quality of lighting your warehouse needs while allowing you to save on any unnecessary fixtures.

Benefit from a Better LED Lighting Solution

With your permission, our field team can review your warehouse space and design to optimize the following:

  • Customized or retrofit options. Sometimes your warehouse has specific needs that have to be addressed with custom solutions—this is where a preview of the ultimate result really shines.
  • Control. You’ll have more control with LED fixtures over traditional lights. This enhanced control can improve thermal management, relative brightness, and lighting layouts for your warehouse space with ease.
  • Discovery. With our previews and renderings in place, we’ll be able to predict any potential issues that may come about—before they happen. This reduces any risk and keeps the installation process smooth and simple.

Contact US Lighting Systems today at info@uslightingsystems.com to learn how you can preview an LED lighting installation in your own space.


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