Quality Lighting for a Better Price: Commercial Exterior Lighting

According to a recent study, wasted energy levels for outdoor lighting is often between 60-70 percent. This wastage is usually the result of over-lit designs and unneeded lighting. If you are still relying on traditional lighting, a commercial exterior lighting retrofit can be a great way to improve the efficiency of your outdoor lighting and reduce your utility expenses.

Ensuring a properly lit exterior involves more than simply switching over to LEDs. To reduce wastage, expert commercial lighting design is a must. At US Lighting Systems, we have deep experience with commercial exterior lighting design. We pay close attention to detail with a continued focus on service and improving your bottom line.

A Necessity: Experienced in Commercial Exterior Lighting 

As exterior lighting requires a tremendous amount of power annually, any flaw in design will be amplified over time. That can cost a lot of money annually. That’s why it’s essential to work with an experienced commercial lighting company, like US Lighting systems, that can recommend the best fixtures, create an optimized design for your space, and provide expert installation and maintenance services

Here is How We will Improve your Lighting:

  • Proper Coverage. Unlike traditional fixtures, LED lights target and focus light where it’s most needed. This is a great way to optimize energy usage and reduce wasted energy.
  • Only Pay for What you Need. LEDs are far more efficient than traditional bulbs and that along with an optimized design, you can reduce wastage and be sure that you’re paying for only the areas that need to be lit.
  • Proper Lighting Levels. Failing to dim lights or to implement a proper curfew is another area of significant wastage. LEDs offer greater control than traditional bulbs, allowing you to fine-tune your outdoor lighting for maximum savings.

Rethinking Commercial Exterior Lighting

With US Lighting’s innovative Lighting as a Service plan, there is no upfront cost. Instead, the process is more like a subscription, allowing you to pay for your retrofit and usage on a monthly basis, much like other utilities. Enjoy an optimized LED lighting design and installation without a significant upfront cost and no ongoing maintenance costs. Since we maintain ownership over the fixtures, we will take care of any and all necessary maintenance of the fixtures

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