Shopping Center Lighting: Superior Solutions for Shoppers

A shopping center is more than just a place to make sales. It is a community attraction. But it can’t perform either role without effective and efficient lighting clearing the way. Update your lighting system from traditional solutions to an LED-based system that reduces costs, enhances lighting quality, and promotes a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Why LED Lighting for Shopping Centers?

LED lighting systems offer far more control than traditional lighting. Shopping center lighting design is used to carefully create a crafted customer experience. Thanks to the high degree of customization that LED lighting systems provide, you can create an exceptional atmosphere:

  • LEDs are eye-catching. LED lighting design gives you more options with color, color temperature, and other settings to craft a unique mall experience as you see fit.
  • LEDs outperform traditional fixtures over the long term.  LEDs last much longer than traditional lighting and often come with ten year warranties.
  • LEDs are more power-efficient. Today’s LEDs offer specifically targeted light so you get more lighting without expanding the expense sheet.

More efficiency and control over your shopping center’s lighting environment adds up to an enhanced customer experience—without the expense and maintenance headaches of traditional lighting.

How to Go LED with a Custom Lighting Retrofit

With an expert shopping center lighting design consultant from US Lighting Systems, you can achieve an optimized lighting system in no time. Here’s how our Lighting as a Service process works:

  • Design and engineering. We examine your space, listen to your specific needs and create an efficient design that you can preview before we begin our work. Our experts take every aspect into account. 
  • Implementation & Installation. After walking you through your options and incorporating your feedback, we provide the option of a test installation to ensure your satisfaction and further optimize your design before moving forward. With approval, we will work to install your system as quickly as possible following all best practices and codes.
  • Ongoing Monitoring & Reporting. We maintain ownership over all lighting fixtures in our plan and will provide ongoing support and maintenance as needed. This also means that your upfront cost is minimal, you can simply pay for our services on a monthly basis much like you already do for your other utilities. 

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