US Lighting Systems president David Etzler earns NCQLP’s prestigious Lighting Certification

US Lighting Systems is pleased to announce that its President, David Etzler, has recently passed the prestigious Lighting Certified (LC) exam from the National Council on Qualifications
for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP).

As stated on the NCQLP website, as the lighting industry has grown, a number of efforts have been undertaken to differentiate the knowledgeable and qualified lighting practitioner. As a result, a need was recognized for an independent, industry-wide credentialing effort. Such a program addresses multiple issues that include: safety, health, productivity, energy conservation and effectiveness, environmental concerns, governmental policy, lighting technology, and competent, knowledgeable lighting practice.

The Lighting Certification Program was initiated by the lighting industry in 1991. Both lighting organizations, as well as several governmental agencies whose mission encompasses lighting, have been involved since the beginning. Lighting Certification is designed to set a baseline standard covering the entire scope of the vast lighting field. Utilizing the NCQLP’s testing mechanism, qualified individuals can earn their Lighting Certification designation. PSI, as NCQLP’s professional testing agency, provides the expertise of an independent testing company in the construction of a valid and reliable examination that covers the entire field. The LC Examination is also continuously reviewed by the NCQLP Examination Committee to ensure that the questions which are asked are current, comprehensive, fair and reflective of lighting applications as they are being practiced across our industry today.

Join us in congratulating David on this achievement!


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